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- Though I'm feeling better, I'm still quite the gimp from my butt bruise.  Walking is doable, but bending over or lifting my legs high are big no-nos.

- I went out with Mike's family after work at Pat 'n Oscar's, and on the way home, I bit Mike's finger out of affection.  This grossed out his sister to no end.  We both got a huge laugh out of it; him because he loves making his sister squirm, and me because usually he's the one who bites me somewhere. ...And that sounds quite sexual. I don't mean sexually, I mean playfully, like on the neck.

- We went and saw Shrek the Third. It was good. I didn't think it was quite as good as the last two, but it was still good.  His sister loved it because it had musical theatre in it, and she's a drama major.

- On the way home, we nearly hit a cat.  Mike's dad stopped the car quite fast to avoid hitting it, but dispite getting honked at, it didn't budge.  For a split second, we thought it was either one stupid or one very scared cat.  But then we realized it was just a cardboard cutout of a cat with dimes taped where eyes should be to immitate the reflection in  cat's eyes.  After the person behind us made the same mistake in honking at it, we decided it was a hazard, drove back around, and picked it up.  Someone could've been seriously injured if they'd swerved to avoid it and into oncoming traffic.  It's got to be the worst practical joke I've ever seen.  The only plus side is that we made 20 cents off it.

People can be so sick sometimes.

- I dreamt I was at this gathering at some ghost town in So. Cal somewhere.  It had to be relatively close to the "inland" area, because it had a defunct UCI branch.  I watched someone make a documentary about how people would die in this town, like walking off a very high cliff or something.  Some of the kids that attended were playing game where you were assigned a chemical element, like oxygen, chlorine, phosphorus, etc. and to win, you had to stab a person with the appropriate abbreviation (Cl, O, Ph).  So, kids were running around stabbing each other. Some died.  It was very disturbing.

So disturbing that I was completely freaked out and wanted to get out of there right away.  But the family that I traveled with insisted on browsing the gift shops.  They were particularly fascinated with a snowglobe simulating a war battle that wouldn't stop snowing or moving around until the anniversary of the occasion. I just thought it was creepy.

Then I dreamt I got two A's in my classes.  Heh, there's a good indication that I was dreaming.

Okay, I can't type anymore. I've reached my limit on sitting for the day.
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Mike and I really, really liked Spider-man 3.  I'll leave it at that.

Heh, and it should be noted that while we were tapping our feet through the commercials and previews, I explained to him my disgust with the Harry Potter franchise and fandom (parts of it, anyway-- those of you on my FList are cool).  He actually put Ron/Hermione in a light that made sense to me.  'Course, it didn't change how I felt about it, but at least it seems clearer to me now.  I'll still never support a 'ship where the two characters bicker and belittle each other so much.  That's not what my idea of love is at all.  And that's how I see R/Hr, sexual tension or not.

Aaaaanyway, I'm so frickin' pooped and my allergies are acting up. I didn't even KNOW I had allergies! Ugh, need eyedrops...
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May it be known that Mike and I drove up to Irvine Tuesday night, slept in, then made the rest of the trip to Six Flags on Wednesday.  Had FUN, though it should be noted that Deja-Vu was closed AGAIN, Superman broke down AGAIN, and Tatsu KICKS ASS.  If you live in So. Cal. and like roller coasters, Tatsu is the shiznit. Go ride it.

Oh, and they had a carnival booth or two up and about that had Sonic plushies.  I spazzed.  Mike was embarrassed to be with me.  He cursed the fates that he came with me, lol.  Nah, I kid.  I was going bonkers, though.  So he tried to win one for me.  Well, we tried, but didn't win anything, so we thought we'd pareuse the stores.  Frick, they had SPONGEBOB stuff, but not Sonic? WTF? But among their endless supply of Looney Tunes and DC Comics merchandise, there was this holy temple display of cool Nintendo/Simpsons/Family Guy merchandise.  Alas, no Sonic, but still, NINTENDO. SWEET.

They had this bright green Link shirt, and Mike loooooooooves likes LoZ, so I paid for half of it for him.  Now he has his very first FLUORESCENT BRIGHT ZOMG MY EYES green-colored shirt.  Yay!  And it's unique, too. I haven't seen a shirt like that before or since, but then again, it's only been a few days.

Soooo... we walked the park some more, failed to find any Sonic stuff for sale.  I was sad. Mike felt bad for me.  So, while we were hopping from ride to ride, we circled the park and came back to the first carnival booth, and Mike won me ... heeee... not just a prize, but a MEDIUM SIZED prize, which is actually pretty damn big, and considering the type of carnival game, pretty miraculous.  I got a stuffed Knuckles and it's HUGE! :D  But I wanted a stuffed Tails (all they had was Tails for a small prize), so we took another shot, and I got one of those, too!! HOLY SHIT.

Then Steph lived happily ever after.

We were going to bring a camera and take more pictures of the two of us together, but both Mike and I forgot our cameras.  Oh well... some other time.

Below: No brag, just SQUEE!


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Oh, and back to LoZ... for the past few weekends and majority of this week (Spring break), Mike and I have been reliving our childhood through NES games.  So far we've played Mario 1, Mario 3, TMNT: The Arcade Game, and... uh... oh yeah, Mega Man 3 all the way through.  We're currently in the process of beating Legend of Zelda, which I've never played, and plan on playing Mega Man 2, LoZ: Link to the Past, and SMB 2 pretty soon.  I never thought such primative graphics could entertain me so much!  ........ Well, yes I did, because they used to and still do... but still!  NES graphics engine FTW.

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I have been neglecting my LJ, mostly because alot of the people whose LJs I was watching stopped updating.  Also, you kinda get tired of talking about something once you feel better about it, and Mike has been my crying shoulder well enough that I don't feel the need to post about it here.

But Mike's at tennis or something right now and isn't available, so back to LJ I go.

Y'know, over Winter break, Mike and I had some issues we had to deal with.  I chalk it up to insecurity and failure to communicate, for the most part, on both our ends.  Typical stuff you go through when you love somebody.  But the way we acted around each other when we were fighting made my mom worry that I was getting into a potentially abusive relationship.  I thought it was feasible at first because... well, I'm dense like that and need people to point out some things to me.

She gave me a book to read called "Shattered Dreams" about a lady who married a guy who turned out to be physically and emotionally abusive and what she had to go through during their marriage.  I'm almost done with it, and I think it's really helped me put things into perspective better than anyone else could by just telling them about it.

And... well, it's like, the more I read, the more Mike seemed LESS controlling.  I can see how someone might piece his reactions together to be sorta controlling, but... meh, I think half of it is my perspective on things.  But... hell, he is NOTHING like the guy in that book.  Mike gets unhappy about stuff, mostly when we're misunderstanding each other, but... man, John, the name of the guy in the book, goes frickin' nuts.  He uses demeaning language and long, painful silences to manipulate this poor lady.  Mike's not like that at all.  Mike wants us to work things out together, to clarify what we're not getting, and he never pins all the blame on me.  Hell, he doesn't even really pin blame, period.

Blah blah blah, anyway... I was cleaning up the dishes tonight after dinner, and there was a used ziploc bag in the sink.  I did what mom used to do when we had wet, drippy ziploc bags-- I hung it on the faucet.  That way the water doesn't drip into the crevices on our counter and make a mess, and we can clean it later and reuse it.  Well, Robert did NOT like that.  He squawked at me about why I'd do that. I told him why.  He told me I shouldn't be putting it on the place where we get our fresh water. ... Uh... yeah. I asked him where I should put it, and he nastily told me to "put it in [my] room."

I don't think Mom liked him saying that, cuz she tsk'd or something, I forget.  But I was ready to tear up and retreated to my room before that could happen in his presence.

And... y'know, it's like... I wouldn't really have thought Robert to be abusive, but he sure fits the bill of this abusive guy in the book better than Mike does.  I don't have to avoid Mike out of fear of ticking him off and getting crap from him like I got from Robert.  I don't have to wait until he goes to bed to fix something (i.e. the internet. Why the HECK does he unplug it?? What's the point?).  I can talk to Mike openly.  I gotta watch most of what I say around Robert to avoid his harsh criticism in the case that he's in a bad mood.  Flying fuck, Mike is actually NICE to me if I screw up.

I don't like having to hide in my room. It's not fun.  I prefer to stay in my room, but hiding... that's lame.

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