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Yes, I am the LunaYoshi that used to post endless pics of Yoshi fancharacters on my site, Luna's Yoshi Sanctuary, for about 10 years.

For the record, if I don't have you friended, it's because I don't know who you are and I'm very cautious about what I post to the "public" here on LJ.

If I know you or -should- know you based on our interests, please post here and let me know why I should add you to my Friends list. It'd help a bunch. I'd hate to exclude buddies. <3

Also, where you know me from is a plus. Know me from Luna's Sanctuary? Team Artail? Deviant Art? Say as much and I'll probably add you. M'kay?
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Jellyfish and Man-o-wars. SCAR-RY. I hate you, ocean. I don't -think- they have them here in So Cal, but if they do... aiyaaagh!
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Anybody have any recommendations for genuinely scary movies?

I can only think of 4 that scared me shitless. The Amityville Horror (the 70s version), Blair Witch Project, The Ring, and Paranormal Activity. Those slashers, like "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Saw" and all those other "horror" movies don't do it for me. It's just a bunch of blood and gore. I want, like, genuinely "HOH MY GOD SCARY" movies. Not movies that startle you, but ones that scare you to the core. Movies where less is more.

Any recommendations?

EDIT: ABBBEEHHHHHH. (Yeah, still watching The Ring.) She's cute in whatever roll she plays, I swear.
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So I was peeling this banana, and I noticed the Chiquita sticker. Blah blah, sticker.

... Except Chiquita isn't on it. It's fucking Ai Ai from Super Monkey Ball.


Though I guess it does make a little sense. Monkey.... banana.... BUT WHAT KIND OF PRODUCT PLACEMENT IS THAT? It doesn't even say who it he is. He's just THERE, staring into my SOUL, DARING me to peel that last strip off and consume what has been undoubtedly cursed by monkey to be deceitfully delicious fruit.

Damn you, Sega. Damn you.
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Hey, peeps who have played Final Fantasy 9:

Is the reason it's so universally canned because the characters are chibi, or is it really not that good a game?

7 bored me within an hour, 8 bored me within an hour, but the clips I've seen of 9 look really interesting, probably BECAUSE the characters are chibi-looking.  But I don't want to invest, like, hours of time if the game isn't really that good.

Any input would be appreciated.
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Damn you, Dealbreaker Jones!

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I know I say this a lot, but Luna was the name of my parakeet and Yoshi was one cool dinosaur in 1998. The username stuck.
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I feel bad watching old Friends episodes because it feels like I'm being insensitive to race or other cultures homehow..I know the epis I'm watching are half-based in London, but... that's it,  y'know?  They go back to NY and that's it. I feel like I'm being socially insensitive somehow. I mean, I think Britons have the best accent ever and all that, but watching Friends past season 4 feels like I"m being a douche somehow.

I don't know. Am I being a stuck-up American somehow? Am I somehow assuming everyone has my accent/language, because I know I do at certain points.  I don't want to offend people, but I'm already assuming stuff as I watch these old season 5 Friends episodes. I don't want to alienate anyone, but it just seems like they do it for me.  I dont' know.

I don't want to alienate anyone. I just.... wanna watch a show.
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NiGHTS' ending makes me frickin' cry every time. Why, game? Why you so good? It's so pretty...

Meh, if nothing else, watch it for the pretty 1996 CGI.

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Maya 8 is seriously impressing me right now. I know they have a billion options, but because got interested in doing 3D scenery, I looked up some tutorials to no avail. They were all out of date and referenced options that don't exist anymore. Well, figuring it couldn't hurt, I went nosing through the Fur options.

Dude, there's not just effing fur in there. There's grass and clouds and simplistic trees and fire and bubbles and vines and snow and.... snakes. Lol, my attempts with them all are such a mess right now. I gotta figure out how to adjust the color schemes for variety.

What the hell is "rice fiber?" Looks like swirly Qs. ...And they crashed my program, so screw that.

OMG CRYSTALS. UGH. I am going to have SO MUCH FUN with this stuff!
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Okay, arts.

Subject matter: Sonic, original characters, SBG, E.R. comics (wut), yoshies, and uh... stuff.

Cut because they're huge. )

Ah, those last two scans make me sillily happy. I miss Carby.

So, uh... the end?

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Merry Christmas!
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I need help deciding on some things. If you're familiar with DC or any of the videogame characters I list, please vote. Even if you're not, I'll link to a picture of each to bring you up to speed.

[Poll #1495463]

Fox: [link]
Thiana: [link]
Windy: [link]
Seren: [link]
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Same I've been for 6 years or so now-- Arabian dancer, as the costume tag says.  Gotta utilize my skinny physique while I still have it.  It just... kinda sucks when Halloween night is RIDICULOUSLY COLD.

Also... purple velvet is win.

(... yeah, I based my character's outfit on my halloween costume.)

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Honestly? I couldn't choose just one. I'd pick every person who's ever seen past my awkward exterior and treated me with compassion and understanding and give them the peace of mind they granted me as I was growing up.  Being shyer than hell, it was easy to get picked on, but a few friends were so kind to me dispite my selective mutism, and I'm so eternally grateful for it, that I'd love to repay it to them somehow, though I don't know how exactly.

I'm friends with quite a few of them on Facebook and I'm still working up the courage to tell them how much they mean to me. It's difficult.  You'd think anyone would be happy to hear they made a difference, but some people get all awkward about it, and I'm scared they'll regret it if I tell them.
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Holy shit, this comic is so frickin' awesome.

And the artist never took art classes. Jealous, much? Holy hell.

I hope she's making money off of it.  Talent like that deserves to be recognized.

Also, ... something about the 20s and 30s makes me real melancholy and nostalgic.  It... makes me miss my grandparents, though one is... you know, STILL ALIVE.  Makes me want to ask her about her childhood, though she grew up in the 30s, not the 20s, so it wouldn't be entirely related, but still.  If the comic was in color, I probably wouldn't get so misty about it.  That sepia tone has a very odd authenticity to it.

Sheesh, I've taken many art classes and STILL don't understand comic paneling like I probably should.  How does one know how to box things in properly? I don't get it.  This is why I can never be a graphic artist.  I don't. Get. BOXES.

Also... Mordecai reminds me of my old cat. Sniff... God, I miss him so.  At least I still have my Elwyn. <3

EDIT: I always thought her style looked an awful lot like Candy Palmer's, and it turns out they're friends IRL, so I guess it makes sense. God, they're both so talented.
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Damn, MediCAL, how many documents of finances and proof of residency do you need?

Crud. I've already got a stack of papers.  If I get rejected cuz I missed one effing document, I'ma be pissed. And broke.
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... dammit!

☞ Anyone who looks at this entry has to post this meme and their current wallpaper.
☞ Explain in no more than five sentences why you're using that wallpaper!
☞ Don't change your wallpaper before doing this! The point is to see what you had on!
cut cuz it's huge. )
I use it because... Hell. I've been using's wallpapers for the past year.  They're precious.  Plus.. yay, calendar!

I need to find a better place to put my Maya textures than on the desktop. It gets cluttered real fast.

Also, um... that "topsecret2" folder? Not what it looks like. It's a link to my website files on my slave drive. 
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Probably gonna be depressed for a while.
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Christ, guys, I've been hearing this song on TV, on the Radio, everywhere and can't figure out what it's called because I hardly ever hear the lyrics. I wish I had a keyboard to duplicate the notes, but alas, i'm going to have to go by memory or something like it.

I heard it today during VH1's Skinniest Celebs, and I know I've heard it on a bunch of other commercials. Something tells me I heard it on the ONE episode of Grey's Anatomy I ever watched (the season before's finale? I forget) but it's just this piano rift with lots of reverb that kind of gives you the sense of melancholy, loneliness, or longing without diving into a C-minor key.

With my limited knowledge of keys myself, I can't pinpoint it, but I know it's not C major or minor. It's just two notes, then two slightly flatter notes, then a bit sharper notes, then back down to the flatter notes, and it keeps repeating in this heavenly, hypnotic state. If I had to guess, I'd say it goes "C, C, B, B, E, E, B, B." But then, I'm half-tone deaf and I haven't taken piano lessons in years.

I know I'm being horribly vague, but normally I find my songs via lyrics search engines, and I don't know any lyrics to this song. Please please please help me if you know what I"m talking about?

BTW, I think the song came out semi-recently and is sung by a guy, if that helps at all.
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Oh... my god... this comment and its responses... I lol'd so hard...

For the linkophobes:

Comment 1: I was at my OB/GYN a few weeks ago and a new moo had her baybee. The kid burped. She looked at me and said, "Oh, isn't that precious?" And I said, "My dog farted, do you think that's cute, too?" I have a service dog for a seizure disorder. She shut up fast. :D

Comment 2:
I actually think it's fantastically funny when my dog makes an audible fart because she usually looks in the direction of her butt with a "wtf" face.

Childfree comm, you slay me.
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...People don't know what it means when they say "scarlet letter?"  Really?  I thought The Scarlet Letter was widely read in high school.  Did only the honors English students read it?  Am I missing something?

Also.. random poll!

[Poll #1415844]
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Stolen from Aqua.

Long. )

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Insomnia totally sucks.

But dude, I'm afraid of the religious/anti-religion wank that this will ensue.  Don't do it, world! Don't fall victim to petty quarrels!

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[Error: unknown template qotd]The only recurring dreams I get are nightmares. They're always different, but involve the same crap each dang time.

-House burning down from a wild fire and not having enough time to save my pets/computer/prized possessions.
-Getting nuked, but being far enough away from the blast to not die immediately and to see it and be afraid of it.
-Watching a commercial plane crash.  It always spins or dives or something nasty beforehand, too.
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Meh, anybody know of a good PHP (or whatever) coding that would let me upload images to my own website without all the hassle of creating thumbnails and updating each page and all that junk?  I'm having difficulty finding something via Google and could use some recommendations.  A lot of the galleries don't allow for comments, which I really want.
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Tetris Attack/Panel De Pon tournaments. Y/Y?

They released a patch that made PDP in English, so yay, I know what my chicks' names are, lol. Selene and ... OMG, I forgot the plant girl's name already. Suck.

I'm rusty. Keep getting owned by on-going Hard matches. I gotta remember all my tricks and get back in the groove to plow my way through Super Hard mode and get chains and chains and craptastic chains.

This game is so awesome. The music is great. I wish it was more widely known.
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Okay, losing your flash drive that's required for your class and also containing irreplaceable art files?

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Happy Valentine's Day and Singles Awareness Day, FList!

Know that I lub roo and you all rock!
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1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and upload, if you feel like it) 5 songs that start with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

[ profile] stellar_dust hit me up with an M!
1. Maggie Reilly - Moonlight Shadow (wow, okay... couldn't find an original music vid to the techno version of this, but what the luck, first I found was some fanvid to Doctor Who.)
2. Enigma - Mea Culpa (orig. music vid - great song, learned a lot of french from it. "Je te desire; prend-moi; je suis a toi")
3. Linkin Park - My December (can't find the original on youtube ANYWHERE. Fark.)
4. NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams - Merry Memory Go Round (my second favorite track from this game and probably one of my favorite video game tracks of all time. I don't normally like orchestral or instrumental, but this just blows me away.)
5. U2 - Mysterious Ways (eff yeah! Oldskool U2.)
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I am NOT anorexic, goddamnit! >_<

WTF, one family member gets paranoid and now the whole family thinks it?

If anything, I've lost a bit of my appetite due to DEPRESSION. That IS a side-effect, and it's been known for years that I've got it.

Bugging me to eat more when I'm effing FULL does NOT make me feel any better! It makes me want to barf, actually! Sheesh, isn't that kinda counterproductive? I have a small stomach or something. I can't eat, like, a whole Burger King meal. Maybe a sandwich/hamburger or something and some water, but no, I can't finish the fries, and just the sandwich alone makes my stomach hurt as if I'd eaten too much.

What pisses me off is that people jump to these conclusions. Anyone ever consider an approach like "Gosh, Steph, you seem kinda skinny. How have your eating habits been?" Then I can answer with a "I've been depressed and have been lacking an appetite sometimes." And BELIEVE me. Don't just... like, insist there's got to be some eating disorder involved or some crap. If there's any disorder involved, aside from my head being a douche, it's my stomach's horrid irritability. I get nauseated over the stupidest things, and a lot of times it makes me puke. If I could keep the food down, believe me, I would. I HATE puking! Fuck, I'm not fat! Why would I want to do that sorta shit? My back hurts from sitting against a chair with no cushioning as it is. You think I want my bones to stick out any more so I can feel even MORE "zomg PAIN" along my vertebrae? That sucks, too!

Maybe it's the illusion my clothes give off. They think I look skinny because I'm bundled up in layers of baggy clothes. Baggy clothes are nice in the winter because I can double- or triple-up all I want and not be all bulgy and obvious about it. But they take one look at me and go "ZOMG MUST BE EATING DISORDER" and it's like... ingraved in their brains from then on. My hip bones and ribs have always protruded a little, peeps. This is nothing new. Quit poking around my body looking for justifications for your judgements.

I don't think people realize that this kind of attention is just as awkward and unsettling as bugging a person about how fat they are. What, do they WANT me to get all bent out of shape about my body image? Because that's where it's headed right now. I never had much of a problem except that I didn't want people to check out my curves (i.e. boobs.), hence the huge sweatshirt, but it serves a duel purpose as stated above. I don't want guys looking at me and thinking I'm something to bang. Look at me, be disinterested, and leave me alone. I could probably flaunt it because I'm skinny, sure, but I don't want to. Go hit on somebody else who likes the attention and is actually on the market for a guy or something.

sldkfjlsdkjfksjdflkjsdf FUUUUCK.
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Well, I'm a nutcase and decided I want to do the X-Files drinking game. By myself, if I have to.

I know my FList is like "WTF shut up Steph," but if anybody would like to participate... just, like, join me in an AIM convo and simultaneously watch a DVD episode or three and totally follow the rules here, that would make my week. It really would.

Leaving this un-friends-only just in case peeps are missing my psychobabble entries. I'm eager to get responses on this. I really am falling into a deep obsessive state that will most likely wear off by next Saturday. I like cashing in on my psychosis while I have it. :B

BTW, Thursday is probably a bad time because my entire day is booked, starting at 5am to 6pm straight, and I am going to be dead tired when it's all over.

Also, if peeps are interested and don't have alot of epis, I can send them via FTP or e-mail or something in WMV format because I have a ton recorded via my TV card from back when I couldn't afford the DVD sets.

Yes, I am going all out on this because I am THAAAAAT nuts.
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[Poll #1326076]
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Okay, WHAT THE FUCK, AIM is suddenly not able to connect.

Everything ELSE is working just fine-- internet and junk, but AIM is like... lul failure to communicate. I didn't touch ANY connection settings in my router, in my modem, in my wireless settings, in AIM, in ANYTHING.

Are their servers down or something? It was working JUST fine yesterday.
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Ghost Adventures is a frickin' awesome show. I caught a marathon on Halloween. Friggin' SPOOKY.  Spookier than Ghost Hunters. That show has a few too many people doing stuff, and it makes me wonder how many "scary sounds" are just the other crew members walking around.  That's just what I've gathered from watching both, though. Adventures has just 3 guys, and they are their own cameramen, whereas Hunters has the main hunters plus cameramen plus who knows what else.  So I think Adventures has more genuine data and findings.  There's really nobody else around to bang on pipes in the next room when all 3 guys are in the same room.  Of course, they could just have people feeding them "data," but meh, I choose not to subscribe to the Blair Witch theory. You'll know what I mean if you ever watched Making of Blair Witch Project.

The EV wave sounds are frickin' spooky on both shows, though.  Yeesh.

Yeah. A real reason to watch the Travel Channel.  Never had a reason to before, haha.

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Hey kids, this journal is actually Friends Only, so if anyone actually -wanted- to be my friend and listen to my private convos with myself, I'd be more than happy to add you. I'm just posting this to double-check after my glorious demonstration of how NOT to use the admin console.

So, if you were friending me 'cuz you thought I was a SBG's IC journal, you probably want to un-add me.
If you're friending me 'cuz you know or like me personally, go ahead and make a comment here, a short comment if you want, and I'll probably add you to my Friends list.

Posting this cuz I got a slew of new friends adds over the past couple of days and wanted to clarify, 's all.

EDIT: Cheri brought up an interesting point that I thought I should clarify. I accidentally friended half the people in SBG by doing the Admin Console friend-add-alot thing, only I did it on this account instead of Bark's because I'm a genius like that. Right after I discovered my blunder, I went and reversed it all, so chances are this account doesn't have any of you friended. It's not that I don't want friends or anything, it's just that I automatically assumed you only friended me because you thought I was a character journal. *shrug*

If you genuinely want to be friends, that's cool. I like friends. :B I've just been in RPs where characters friending people from "teh reel world" is liek RAWR BANABLE so I didn't want to get anybody in trouble.
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I got a PM in DA from someone who says I ruined his/her life on my messageboard five years ago.  Um... okay? o_O  Says he/she wants to bury the hatchet, though makes cheap shots at me in the process.  Dude... I have NO idea who you are.  He/she drew me a fanart to "bury the hatchet" but kicks him/herself for doing it because, you know, he/she hates me.  OH-KAY...

Yeah, Mike and I have joined a raiding guild in WoW and have been running Karazhan all week.  Lucky for me, it starts right after I get off work.  I just got Stepherz to 70 this week and nabbed my attunement in no time.  If we weren't full up on healers, she could go on the raids, too. But I prefer to play my hunter anyway.

Someone backed into my car and left this monster scrape.  I am NOT HAPPY.  A total hit-and-run.  WTG, asswipe.

Cal State granted my proposal to toss my sucky grades, but they've still got a stinkin' hold on my account, so I can't register for classes.  I may end up working another semester, which I'd rather not do, considering I'm 24 and have been a Junior for the past three years.  I want to move on in my life, dammit.  I want to move out and do all the things adults do, and unfortunately it's not easy to do that in California because everything costs a frickin' fortune.

Mike's still a sweetheart.  We have our issues, but he really is the greatest guy evar.  I'm a total spaz and he's so laid back. I luvs hims.

I've been watching alot of anime at work lately.  I finished .hack//SIGN, which I really enjoyed considering I love MMORPGs.  I watched both the OAV and first (only?) season of the TV show of Ah My Goddess, rewatched Tenchi Muyo, Now and Then, Here and There, and Wolf's Rain, but that was a few months ago.  I've started Death Note, FMA, and Chrono Crusade and I'm waiting for FLCL to finish downloading.  Of course, Mike's seen all of these already.  We're perfect for each other, lol.

... Man, I feel shitty cuz of that PM accusing me of being a bitch when I can't remember a damn thing about this person.  Personally, I don't see how some artist on the internet can ruin someone's life.  The fact that it's been 5 years and they're still holding grudges says alot about the person's integrity if you ask me.

Do any of you know a "Lance Jones" or "BurningLJ"?   Doesn't ring a bell at all to me, but those who visited my messageboard might have a clue.
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Okay-- I get my artwork/characters/friends' characters stolen, and after repeated pleas for the perpetrator to stop/give proper credit, I finally snap and rant on my journal at DA.  Now suddenly I'm a bitch who wants to take credit for every goddamn thing EVER and can't handle the idea of someone having similar characters or whatever.

No... no, it's not like that.  It's more of me getting SO GODDAMN PISSED that she keeps GANKING SO, SO, SO many characters, poses, just overall images and being all "lol lookit what I did" about it without acknowledging the original source.  Credit is all I want.  I know there's such a thing as artistic ..... uh... crap, it's 3am and my vocab sucks.... artistic differences, or something, y'know, but when a handful of my original drawings are practically TRACED, maybe altered slightly and colored differently, it still irks me.

I illustrated all the strikes she had against her, but she's since taken down those images.  However, she missed a couple that I can still use to illustrate what little descrepancy she took.

Mind you, these are yoshi characters, and we're talking about a leap in style from images/characters such as these. ...Except for the one piece of fanart.  I drew that, like, 9 years ago.

Laina's original Jade yoshi. Note the date.
Yamoshi's first "original" character. Green shadings aside, they are practically IDENTICAL in character design.  Mind you, she didn't draw that specific image.  She took down all the ones she drew, in which I'd also asked her to stop ganking Laina's design and give proper credit.

Markior's yoshi character.  He's actually based on a protoss from Starcraft.  When Mark first asked me to draw his character for him, all he gave me was an MS Paint doodle of the white glowing eyes and said to make him smokey or something.  This is how I took that description and improvised.
Her "ghostly" yoshi.  Again... says it's completely hers, got the idea, y'know, not from here or anything.  Again, we're talking taking this design and somehow inventing this WITHOUT supposedly ever referencing this.  Except that we know she visits my deviantArt archive because of the practical identical copies of some of my pieces that she posted.

One of her buddies is calling me a bitch for calling it what it is, since he/she's seen her draw them by hand at school.  Dude, it doesn't matter if she drew it while referencing my artwork or not, it's STILL too similar to be a coincidence.

I know imitation is supposed to be the highest form of flattery, but to me, this is nothing more than someone who can't make it through Math class copying the answers off your test.  Oh, which then prompts both of you to get called to the principal's office to determine which of you was the copycat and which actually knew the material.  The other person insists they were innocent as much as you profess your innocence, so while they are the party deserving of punishment/negative recognition, you both end up with a mark on your record, but no actual punishment issued.

All because you were hit with the hard luck of sitting next to someone (or entering a fandom in which a person) can't cut it on their own.

I'm actually a lot calmer than I was earlier.  Some of the comments people left in response to my rant left me sobbing my eyes out.  Mike calmed me down, though, as he always does.  I just can't sleep right now because ... well, to reference my previous metaphor, I haven't got my grades back yet.

Using my floaty*luna icon to illustrate that yes, I can draw/animate without ganking ideas from somebody else.  Mind you, the character is a FANcharacter, so yes, she is a yoshi, but that's how fan characters work.  Bypass the whole yoshi part and take into account that I draw these freehand and try to deviate away from the original yoshi style as best I can.

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Well, maybe I will read it.  Godawful epilogue aside, peeps seem to like it, so why not? I just won't be waiting in line for it anytime soon, 's all.

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