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Jellyfish and Man-o-wars. SCAR-RY. I hate you, ocean. I don't -think- they have them here in So Cal, but if they do... aiyaaagh!
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I know I say this a lot, but Luna was the name of my parakeet and Yoshi was one cool dinosaur in 1998. The username stuck.
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Same I've been for 6 years or so now-- Arabian dancer, as the costume tag says.  Gotta utilize my skinny physique while I still have it.  It just... kinda sucks when Halloween night is RIDICULOUSLY COLD.

Also... purple velvet is win.

(... yeah, I based my character's outfit on my halloween costume.)

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Honestly? I couldn't choose just one. I'd pick every person who's ever seen past my awkward exterior and treated me with compassion and understanding and give them the peace of mind they granted me as I was growing up.  Being shyer than hell, it was easy to get picked on, but a few friends were so kind to me dispite my selective mutism, and I'm so eternally grateful for it, that I'd love to repay it to them somehow, though I don't know how exactly.

I'm friends with quite a few of them on Facebook and I'm still working up the courage to tell them how much they mean to me. It's difficult.  You'd think anyone would be happy to hear they made a difference, but some people get all awkward about it, and I'm scared they'll regret it if I tell them.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]The only recurring dreams I get are nightmares. They're always different, but involve the same crap each dang time.

-House burning down from a wild fire and not having enough time to save my pets/computer/prized possessions.
-Getting nuked, but being far enough away from the blast to not die immediately and to see it and be afraid of it.
-Watching a commercial plane crash.  It always spins or dives or something nasty beforehand, too.

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