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Time for an update. Yey!

I saw OotP with da Mike this weekend.  As far as I know, we both liked it.  He's not a shipper in the least, but at least he understands my point of view on everything.  I noticed they took out my favorite scene, dernit... well, two of them, really: The part in the DoM where Hermione almost gets killed and Harry's all "ZOMG NO!!", and the part where ... Grupp? Gromm? What's his name?... did something and Harry pulled Hermione behind a tree.  Those parts made me squee, and... what? nuffin' in dis moveh? DAMMIT!

Instead we get R/Hr stuff that, as far as I can remember, didn't exist in the book. Woopee.  No offense to those who liked it, but c'mon...  Well, at least the R/Hr setup is more obvious to me now with those scenes.  I swear, I got absolutely NOTHING from the books except the fact that they drove each other nuts.  And I don't think that's a healthy relationship-in-the-works.

Draco's getting fewer and fewer scenes.  Poopie, huh, [ profile] mea_panda? :( *huggles*

Yeah, anyway... my family asked me why I wasn't all excited about it like I used to be.  I told them how sick I was about the "politics of it" and left it at that because I don't think they care about all the fandom wars and all that.  Then they gave me a hard time for giving a shit about the "politics."  Thanks, family. Way to understand. e_e

Aaaaand... I actually attended my session at the Biofeedback center.  To treat my anxiety issues, they're going to 1. teach me a new breathing technique, 2. monitor my vitals in certain situations to see when I should use it, and 3. introduce exposure therapy to teach me how to use it in the approriate situations.  Exposure therapy isn't supposed to work for Sociophobes, but it's worth a try, I think.  There really isn't any other specialist in the area I can go to, so this is my last hope here.

I'd borrowed Mike's Final Fantasy Tactics Advance from him and have been playing it at work at at home for a couple of weeks now.  I beat it last night, but I'm still playing it because I want to finish all the missions.  Omg, stupid addicting strategy games!  .... But I love them anyway.

Sonic #177 is the shizzle, as always.  Ian has really breathed new life into the comic.

Oh yeah, and it took a couple of months, but my period FINALLY started.  I'm just glad I'm not preggers.
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If anyone sees Sonic #175 on the stands or on a magazine rack or whatever.. BUY IT.

IT DOES NOT DISAPPOINT.  In fact, the awesome cover doesn't do it justice.  You don't even have to know what happened in past issues.  It's all irrelevant after the events in this issue.

Mighty... Ray... *tear*

Artwork behind cut )
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Sonic #174 comments:

1 .... WTF, TAILS' DAD???

2. Mighty & Ray = SO CUTE.

3. Potto + Crazy = awesome touch. If I wrote a comic, I'd definitely throw in my characters for cameos, too.

4. Sally's Trainees cameos win.

5. "Keep our flower girl entertained until the ceremony!"
"SONIC! <3 <3 :D"
"AMY?! D:"

6. Julie-Su: *dress* DO NOT WANT. X( HATE PRETTY.
Knux: Must... resist... urge to grope... ;3

7. Not some of Tracey's best work, but group pictures are tough anyway, so it's understandable.

8. Oh dear god Espio NOOOOOOOOO!

9. Fiona's a jerk but Tails still has the hots for her. [ profile] scribbleschan, there's still hope!  It's not getting brushed under the carpet! Woot! I so often see the whole "see look it's over so we won't ever bring it up again" approach in writing that I thought this'd be just another one of those times.

10. ... rofl, I so wanna scan that page where Tails is all ":D What'd you mean by that, dad?" and his dad's all " :) Nuthin." and replace the text with the respective dialogue: "WTF DAD" and "LOLOLOL!!!!111"

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