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Well, I'm a nutcase and decided I want to do the X-Files drinking game. By myself, if I have to.

I know my FList is like "WTF shut up Steph," but if anybody would like to participate... just, like, join me in an AIM convo and simultaneously watch a DVD episode or three and totally follow the rules here, that would make my week. It really would.

Leaving this un-friends-only just in case peeps are missing my psychobabble entries. I'm eager to get responses on this. I really am falling into a deep obsessive state that will most likely wear off by next Saturday. I like cashing in on my psychosis while I have it. :B

BTW, Thursday is probably a bad time because my entire day is booked, starting at 5am to 6pm straight, and I am going to be dead tired when it's all over.

Also, if peeps are interested and don't have alot of epis, I can send them via FTP or e-mail or something in WMV format because I have a ton recorded via my TV card from back when I couldn't afford the DVD sets.

Yes, I am going all out on this because I am THAAAAAT nuts.
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