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Wolf's Rain has got to have the must gut-wrenching ending out of any TV show or OVA I've ever seen in my entire life.

EDIT: I felt I needed more of a commentary.

Well, as I told Mike after I watched the first 5 episodes (which he got me for Christmas <3)... they need a girl wolf. But I liked it up until that point and while it lagged a bit getting into the storyline at first, I enjoyed the series until the end. Sort of. I was bawling through episode 27 onward.

Hige and Blue are too cute. <3

I really couldn't stand Tsume's attitude nor his outfit (bleh, buttcrack FTL), but he redeemed himself at the end, in my eyes, by showing so much compassion. I couldn't understand Kiba's fascination with Cheza at first, either. But ToboƩ was SO. CUTE. Still... Hige comes in first on my favorites list because he's a hopeless romantic.

The ending leaves a lot open for interpretation, so I get to mull over what really happened. Woot.

For those of you who have no idea what I'm talking about, take a few hours out of your day and watch some episodes off YouTube. Its setting is pretty depressing, but it has a good story and message to it.

I'll bet you this series spawned a bunch of Mary Sue fan characters. "LAWL LIEK MY CHARA LOOKS HYUUMAN BUT IS RLY A WOLF ISNT IT KEWL??"

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