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Okay, arts.

Subject matter: Sonic, original characters, SBG, E.R. comics (wut), yoshies, and uh... stuff.

Cut because they're huge. )

Ah, those last two scans make me sillily happy. I miss Carby.

So, uh... the end?

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Jesus effing Christ, how're we supposed to buy Sonic SatAM DVDs if nobody carries 'em? I'm looking at YOU, Fry's, Circuit City, and Wal*Mart!

Target got 50 bonus points in my book.

Ohhhh, sweet fanart-covered DVD box... let me rub you against my cheek.  Ohhh yeah.  You're home now, baby.

Speaking of fanart, I gotta scan all this crap building up in my sketchbook.  I'm not near finishing any of it, but I haven't done much completed art as of late.  Going through the Knuckles comic series always gives me a ton of ideas because of all the undiscovered potential in the relationships between key characters.  For instance, I have my theories on why Spectre's such a hardass and why he wears that Snakeman helmet (...from Mega Man 3... yeah).  Also... where the FUCK is any plot behind the bagillion guardians' wives?  Maybe us die-hard fans are the only ones that care.

Heh, as I was driving home from Target... probably faster than usual, speed-limit breaking, even, might I add... I was thinking about how awesome the Knuckles comic was.  ...And how if I was going to be anybody's bitch... like, if I was going to have any sugardaddies, who'd it be? Frickin Pat Spaziante or Manny Galan, dude.  Alot of girls go for older men who're rich. I go for men who have badass artistic talent.  I'd totally let 'em have their way with me, too.

HA, like that'd happen, though. Just speculation.  Pat Spaz is my Hugh Heffner.  That image I linked to, by the way-- arguably the best piece of artwork in the comic's entire career.  So well drawn, so well colored, so moving, and it speaks volumes.  It makes my brain tingle.
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Sonic #174 comments:

1 .... WTF, TAILS' DAD???

2. Mighty & Ray = SO CUTE.

3. Potto + Crazy = awesome touch. If I wrote a comic, I'd definitely throw in my characters for cameos, too.

4. Sally's Trainees cameos win.

5. "Keep our flower girl entertained until the ceremony!"
"SONIC! <3 <3 :D"
"AMY?! D:"

6. Julie-Su: *dress* DO NOT WANT. X( HATE PRETTY.
Knux: Must... resist... urge to grope... ;3

7. Not some of Tracey's best work, but group pictures are tough anyway, so it's understandable.

8. Oh dear god Espio NOOOOOOOOO!

9. Fiona's a jerk but Tails still has the hots for her. [ profile] scribbleschan, there's still hope!  It's not getting brushed under the carpet! Woot! I so often see the whole "see look it's over so we won't ever bring it up again" approach in writing that I thought this'd be just another one of those times.

10. ... rofl, I so wanna scan that page where Tails is all ":D What'd you mean by that, dad?" and his dad's all " :) Nuthin." and replace the text with the respective dialogue: "WTF DAD" and "LOLOLOL!!!!111"
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May it be known that Mike and I drove up to Irvine Tuesday night, slept in, then made the rest of the trip to Six Flags on Wednesday.  Had FUN, though it should be noted that Deja-Vu was closed AGAIN, Superman broke down AGAIN, and Tatsu KICKS ASS.  If you live in So. Cal. and like roller coasters, Tatsu is the shiznit. Go ride it.

Oh, and they had a carnival booth or two up and about that had Sonic plushies.  I spazzed.  Mike was embarrassed to be with me.  He cursed the fates that he came with me, lol.  Nah, I kid.  I was going bonkers, though.  So he tried to win one for me.  Well, we tried, but didn't win anything, so we thought we'd pareuse the stores.  Frick, they had SPONGEBOB stuff, but not Sonic? WTF? But among their endless supply of Looney Tunes and DC Comics merchandise, there was this holy temple display of cool Nintendo/Simpsons/Family Guy merchandise.  Alas, no Sonic, but still, NINTENDO. SWEET.

They had this bright green Link shirt, and Mike loooooooooves likes LoZ, so I paid for half of it for him.  Now he has his very first FLUORESCENT BRIGHT ZOMG MY EYES green-colored shirt.  Yay!  And it's unique, too. I haven't seen a shirt like that before or since, but then again, it's only been a few days.

Soooo... we walked the park some more, failed to find any Sonic stuff for sale.  I was sad. Mike felt bad for me.  So, while we were hopping from ride to ride, we circled the park and came back to the first carnival booth, and Mike won me ... heeee... not just a prize, but a MEDIUM SIZED prize, which is actually pretty damn big, and considering the type of carnival game, pretty miraculous.  I got a stuffed Knuckles and it's HUGE! :D  But I wanted a stuffed Tails (all they had was Tails for a small prize), so we took another shot, and I got one of those, too!! HOLY SHIT.

Then Steph lived happily ever after.

We were going to bring a camera and take more pictures of the two of us together, but both Mike and I forgot our cameras.  Oh well... some other time.

Below: No brag, just SQUEE!


more behind cut )

Oh, and back to LoZ... for the past few weekends and majority of this week (Spring break), Mike and I have been reliving our childhood through NES games.  So far we've played Mario 1, Mario 3, TMNT: The Arcade Game, and... uh... oh yeah, Mega Man 3 all the way through.  We're currently in the process of beating Legend of Zelda, which I've never played, and plan on playing Mega Man 2, LoZ: Link to the Past, and SMB 2 pretty soon.  I never thought such primative graphics could entertain me so much!  ........ Well, yes I did, because they used to and still do... but still!  NES graphics engine FTW.

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