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Oh my god, so many of my old classmates are on MySpace and Facebook... and... god...

I miss them so much, but because I was a shy little fruitcake in grade school, I'm pretty sure they aren't interested in what I'm doing, so I'm not messenging them or anything like I want to.  Yay, poor self image! *thumbs up*

Heh, this asian girl that I spent 3rd, 4th, and 5th grade with got accepted to Yale and graduated, and now she's in grad school.  She's always been wicked smart, and her essay entered into a county-wide contest on something-or-other won my 8th grade class an overnight "experience" on the Star of India in San Diego, which was paranoia galore for me, but also a huge bonding experience for the people I did it with... who also probably didn't notice I was there, but whatever.  I feel honored to have shared a GATE program with her, lol, even though I'm apparently not nearly as smart as she is.

...God, and so many of them are married and/or have children.  People MY age!  And it's not like they're being irresponsible, either, because we're... actually OLD enough to responsibly get married and have children.  I totally don't feel that old.  ... Oh god, I'm almost 24.  When I hit 24, I'm going to start crying about how I'm getting old and can't enjoy my post-21 era because I'm such a wimp.

...ROFL, so I try to convince myself that I wasn't that big a nerd in high school, but then I notice what kind of music I listen to.

...Aaaaand I was going to also try and convince myself that while I'm not the brightest bulb in the package, I do have some art talent that alot of peeps at Yale probably don't have.  To do so, I was going to post a picture I'm currently working on.  ........And then I can't because my server's not responding. *thumbs up*


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