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Anybody have any recommendations for genuinely scary movies?

I can only think of 4 that scared me shitless. The Amityville Horror (the 70s version), Blair Witch Project, The Ring, and Paranormal Activity. Those slashers, like "The Hills Have Eyes" and "Saw" and all those other "horror" movies don't do it for me. It's just a bunch of blood and gore. I want, like, genuinely "HOH MY GOD SCARY" movies. Not movies that startle you, but ones that scare you to the core. Movies where less is more.

Any recommendations?

EDIT: ABBBEEHHHHHH. (Yeah, still watching The Ring.) She's cute in whatever roll she plays, I swear.
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- Though I'm feeling better, I'm still quite the gimp from my butt bruise.  Walking is doable, but bending over or lifting my legs high are big no-nos.

- I went out with Mike's family after work at Pat 'n Oscar's, and on the way home, I bit Mike's finger out of affection.  This grossed out his sister to no end.  We both got a huge laugh out of it; him because he loves making his sister squirm, and me because usually he's the one who bites me somewhere. ...And that sounds quite sexual. I don't mean sexually, I mean playfully, like on the neck.

- We went and saw Shrek the Third. It was good. I didn't think it was quite as good as the last two, but it was still good.  His sister loved it because it had musical theatre in it, and she's a drama major.

- On the way home, we nearly hit a cat.  Mike's dad stopped the car quite fast to avoid hitting it, but dispite getting honked at, it didn't budge.  For a split second, we thought it was either one stupid or one very scared cat.  But then we realized it was just a cardboard cutout of a cat with dimes taped where eyes should be to immitate the reflection in  cat's eyes.  After the person behind us made the same mistake in honking at it, we decided it was a hazard, drove back around, and picked it up.  Someone could've been seriously injured if they'd swerved to avoid it and into oncoming traffic.  It's got to be the worst practical joke I've ever seen.  The only plus side is that we made 20 cents off it.

People can be so sick sometimes.

- I dreamt I was at this gathering at some ghost town in So. Cal somewhere.  It had to be relatively close to the "inland" area, because it had a defunct UCI branch.  I watched someone make a documentary about how people would die in this town, like walking off a very high cliff or something.  Some of the kids that attended were playing game where you were assigned a chemical element, like oxygen, chlorine, phosphorus, etc. and to win, you had to stab a person with the appropriate abbreviation (Cl, O, Ph).  So, kids were running around stabbing each other. Some died.  It was very disturbing.

So disturbing that I was completely freaked out and wanted to get out of there right away.  But the family that I traveled with insisted on browsing the gift shops.  They were particularly fascinated with a snowglobe simulating a war battle that wouldn't stop snowing or moving around until the anniversary of the occasion. I just thought it was creepy.

Then I dreamt I got two A's in my classes.  Heh, there's a good indication that I was dreaming.

Okay, I can't type anymore. I've reached my limit on sitting for the day.
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Mike and I really, really liked Spider-man 3.  I'll leave it at that.

Heh, and it should be noted that while we were tapping our feet through the commercials and previews, I explained to him my disgust with the Harry Potter franchise and fandom (parts of it, anyway-- those of you on my FList are cool).  He actually put Ron/Hermione in a light that made sense to me.  'Course, it didn't change how I felt about it, but at least it seems clearer to me now.  I'll still never support a 'ship where the two characters bicker and belittle each other so much.  That's not what my idea of love is at all.  And that's how I see R/Hr, sexual tension or not.

Aaaaanyway, I'm so frickin' pooped and my allergies are acting up. I didn't even KNOW I had allergies! Ugh, need eyedrops...

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