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Okay, arts.

Subject matter: Sonic, original characters, SBG, E.R. comics (wut), yoshies, and uh... stuff.

Cut because they're huge. )

Ah, those last two scans make me sillily happy. I miss Carby.

So, uh... the end?


May. 18th, 2007 05:47 pm
lunabuna: (er - aquatic mischief)

I am such a DOOFUS.

I go to sit on the bed, I MISS, and slide right onto what would be the floor, but is instead the wheel of a computer chair.  Right on my stinkin' tailbone.

The pain is indescribable.  Moving my legs or twisting my torso sends agonizing pain through my lower body.  I've been pretty much bedridden since it happened because moving, walking, sitting, even laying in the wrong position hurts too much.

I'm not sure if I broke anything. Not like they could do anything about it if I did. Can't really put a cast on something like that.  Man, though, I have a deep purple bruise on the top of my butt, and I'm expecting it to get worse as time goes on.

And every time it hurts, all I can think about is that one E.R. episode where this guy in leather and a dominatrix go into the ER after the guy fell from a harnass from the ceiling.  The guy comments about his legs, forget what he said, and Susan, the doctor, says in the most casual tone... "You probably bruised your butt."

Back then I didn't know how that could be possible, but believe me, I KNOW NOW.  Susan, I bruised MY butt. :(

By the way, Season 7 is out on DVD now. Tempting... I told myself to just get 6, 7, and 8. I've got all of 9 and 10 on my harddrive in their original airings. And besides... Carby in those later seasons kinda sucked hard.

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