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Holy shit, this comic is so frickin' awesome.

And the artist never took art classes. Jealous, much? Holy hell.

I hope she's making money off of it.  Talent like that deserves to be recognized.

Also, ... something about the 20s and 30s makes me real melancholy and nostalgic.  It... makes me miss my grandparents, though one is... you know, STILL ALIVE.  Makes me want to ask her about her childhood, though she grew up in the 30s, not the 20s, so it wouldn't be entirely related, but still.  If the comic was in color, I probably wouldn't get so misty about it.  That sepia tone has a very odd authenticity to it.

Sheesh, I've taken many art classes and STILL don't understand comic paneling like I probably should.  How does one know how to box things in properly? I don't get it.  This is why I can never be a graphic artist.  I don't. Get. BOXES.

Also... Mordecai reminds me of my old cat. Sniff... God, I miss him so.  At least I still have my Elwyn. <3

EDIT: I always thought her style looked an awful lot like Candy Palmer's, and it turns out they're friends IRL, so I guess it makes sense. God, they're both so talented.

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