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Okay, arts.

Subject matter: Sonic, original characters, SBG, E.R. comics (wut), yoshies, and uh... stuff.

Ignore my anatomy practice.  The upper left drawing is Bark in Banjo's clothes, btw.

Expressions of the cheetah character I created for Mike's platformer. I never got a chance to use them, but I like them nevertheless. Hey look, it's Wave in a formal outfit. Musta... been around prom time in SBG? I dunno.

Yoshi sketches, alot of Luna. Man, these were really hit-or-miss. Mostly miss. But the grinning Luna made me laugh when I saw it after all these years, so I figure it was worth scanning.

Sailex on DA has been bugging me to scan this, and I finally found it in my 1st sketchbook. It's a handful of my Naku characters having a slumber party or something. I really did not get very far with it. Not really noteworthy, but now he can stop bugging me about it.

Sonic sketches and a Luna chao.  Musta been playing Sonic Adventure DX at the time. Also, if it's unclear, that's Chaos 0 turning into Perfect Chaos. I needed to draw something along those lines for a comic I was working on and it served as a practice attempt. It woulda been better, but I ran out of room on the page. :I

This was something I was trying to put together on DA. Another Yoshi group picture. This is as far as I got. I didn't even give identities to some of them.  All I recognize is Drak, Taraslar, Disk, and ... that's it. Maybe I'll finish it up sometime. Meh.

Page one of a comic based on one of my favorite E.R. episodes. Carter is supposed to be a snow leopard and Abby a ferret. Some of you might've seen this before. I think I scrapped it on DA. Man, I really, really loved Carby.

I don't think Abby even said anything after the explosion, so that's just me trying to explain the emotional impact of what was happening. Things get lost in the transition from television to comic.  ...Apparently my scanner cut off the last part of what Abby's thinking. GJ, me. Something about yelling. Her mom (not pictured) was yelling for her a WHOLE lot in that scene, so I guess that's why I put it in.

The whole reason I loved that scene was because Abby was dating Luka at the time, and it was Carter who dashed in that room after it exploded and helped her. She cracked a rib and got a concussion. Luka just asked if her airway was clear. I'm sorry, but that made my little shipper heart skip a beat.

BTW, the explosion was caused (I guess) when her patient put his cigarette out in the emesis basin she'd dripped some ... uh... oh, what's that clear stuff in a bag... IV or something. Well, it wasn't an IV. Some douchebags were smuggling meth or something in IV bags and she ended up with one of the bad ones, hence the bad smell. I dunno, I had to watch the scene a few times to figure out exactly why it exploded.

Ah, those last two scans make me sillily happy. I miss Carby.

So, uh... the end?

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