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Stolen from Aqua.

1. Who is your favorite Pokémon?

Absolute Favorite: Articuno
Kanto/Generation I: Aside from Arti? Arcanine.
Johto/Generation II: Xatu 
Hoenn/Generation III: Medicham.  Mike thinks it's ugly, but its animations in the Gamecube games just made me totally smitten with it.
Sinnoh/Generation IV: Froslass
Grass starter: Torterra, hands down.
Fire starter: Quilava
Water starter: Piplup, I guess.

Eeveelution: Designwise, I love Flareon , but Jolteon  is the only one I've ever actually used.
Legendary Pokémon: Articuno, Suicune, Celebi,  Mewtwo
Starter in Basic form: Cindaquil
Starter at Stage 2: Quilava
Starter at Stage 3: Torterra (did I do the last batch of starter questions wrong?)

2. Why do you like it as your absolute favorite?
The name just rolls right off the tongue and sounds dang awesome.  Plus, omg, I'm a die-hard bird lover, and its tail is so pretty, and it's just so pretty in general, and lskdjflskdjflksjf I flipped when I caught it the first time. Good times.

3. What is your favorite type of Pokémon? Why?
I gravitate towards Ice or Ghost.  I guess I like Ice better, but you gotta admit Ghost is pretty awesome.

4. If you were a Pokémon, what would you be?
...I had an AOL screenname called "Articuna" at one point.  I guess that answers your question.

5. What would be the first Pokémon you catch on your journey? (Name one for each region.)
Kanto: Um... I'd always catch a Pidgey because Rattata sucked.
Johto: ... I don't know. I didn't really play Gold/Silver.  Was Houndour near the start?
Hoenn: Crud. Seedot, I suppose.
Sinnoh: I dunno. Shinx.

6. Name your dream team. (Any region)
Articuno, Arcanine, Medicham, Flygon , Milotic,  and um.. Tyranitar.

7. How long have you been interested in Pokémon?
Haha, when it first came out, I was like, "ZOMG PPL STFU ABOUT PKMN IT SUX". Two months later, I caught the TV show and the little guides in Nintendo Power and was hooked before I even got a GameBoy Color.

8. What do you value more, the games or the toys?
Games, I guess, but that's mostly because I have no way of getting my hands on any of the toys.  Poor Arti is so neglected in the toy department.

9. What games do you have?
You're really going to make me list them all? Bah.  Red, Blue, Pinball (the first one), Ruby, Emerald, FireRed, LeafGreen, Colosseum, XD, Diamond.  I used to have Snap, but I gave that to my cousin when she got an N64.

10. What is your favorite plush? Figure? Game?
Plush: Have none.
Figure: Would be Arti if I could find/afford it.
Game: Ruby was awesome.  It really made me like Pokemon again after Gold totally turned me off.

11. Name your top 5 least favorite Pokémon.
FUN.  Lessee... Pokemon that make me want to gouge my eyes out... Jynx, Swampert, Shiftry, Mawile, Manectric (I gotta keep going, 5 is too few), Bibarel, Bastiodon, Electivire, Mamoswine, Propopass, Palkia, Giratina.  Fourth generation had the most ugly pokemon, hands down, IMHO.

12. What is your most favorite and least favorite regions?
Favorite is Hoenn (Ruby/Sapph), least favorite is Sinnoh (Diamond/Pearl).

13. Do you like anthropomorphic (human-like) Pokémon (Pokémorphs)?
Meh. Sorta.

14. What Pokémorph species would you want to be?
Come on. Who wouldn't want to be a Gardevoir?

15. What is your favorite moment in the Pokémon anime?
It's been a long-ass time, but I think there are two that are tied.  First one was during the Ghost of Maiden's Peak (how the hell do I remember that?) when Misty had her kimono on and they did that typical anime thing where she sparkles and looks all pretty.  It was my instantaneous "FAVORITE CHARACTER" moment.
Second was in the Jirachi movie when Ash said something about being away from someone he really cared about, which I took to mean he missed Misty.  Yeah, I ship it.  So, so bad.

16. Which feature in any Pokémon game do you enjoy the most? (e.g. multiplayer battles, contests, day/night system, etc.)
I liked the Battle Frontier in Emerald where you had to pick a team of 3 pokemon and do dual battles.  Gyarados + Rhydon (or any pokemon with Lightning Rod) = WIN.

17. What is your favorite Pokémon song(s) (or song used in the Pokémon animé and movies)?
I really liked the Gym music from the first games.  They remixed it for Brawl and made it a billion times better, plus they threw in a remix of the Evolution music and made THAT a million times better.

18. What is your favorite Pokémon movie?
Revelation Lugia, but I'm ridiculously biased (Articuno + shippiness wins).  Plotwise, of the ones I've seen/been able to sit through, I really enjoyed the plot from the Entei/Unown movie.  It made me cry pretty hard, and it made me actually like Entei after thinking it was butt ugly for years.

19. Do you prefer Pokémon that are powerful or Pokémon that have a good design (in other words, good looks)?
I like kind of a mix of both. I can't have a plum ugly pokemon in my party, even if it's totally uber, and I can't have a gorgeous pokemon in my party if its stats are shit.  This is why I don't use the legendaries from Ruby/Sapphire and why I'm considering dumping my Luminion and Froslass in my Diamond game.

20. Quick! What is your most random thought (that's clean) of a Pokémon doing something that humans do?
Speaking their name?

21. Tag 5 people.
Whatevs. BTW, icons ganked from Bulbagarden.

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